Geranium cinereum 'Laurence Flatman'

Geranium cinereum ‘Laurence Flatman’
(jer-AY-nee-um sin-AIR-ee-um)
Family: Geraniaceae
syn. Geranium cinereum ‘Lawrence Flatman’
Common name: dwarf cranesbill
Zone: 4 – 9
Height: 4-6 in (10-15 cm)    Spread: 6-12 in (15-30 cm)
Aspect: full sun; partial shade
Soil: average; well-draining
Water: moderate


Description: An herbaceous, bordering on evergreen, dwarf-sized perennial with a mounding habit. Small, grey-green leaves have a nicely scalloped edge. Upward facing flowers are 1 – 1¼ inches (2.5 – 3 cm) across in a delightful purple-pink colour with generous deep purple veining emanating from a deep purple central eye. Blooms from mid-spring through late summer.


Special Notes: A sibling seedling of ‘Ballerina’ from a crossing of Geranium cinereum var. cinereum and Geranium cinereum var. subcaulescens introduced by Bloom’s Nurseries of Bressingham, Norfolk in 1979. Difficult to tell ‘Laurence Flatman’ from ‘Ballerina’ unless side-by-side. Flowers look amazingly similar although it is claimed ‘Laurence Flatman’ are slightly larger and deeper coloured. Our observations have concluded the best tell-tale difference is the smaller leaves of ‘Ballerina’. Excellent plant for the rock garden. Very easy care; relatively pest and disease free. Drought tolerant once established. Deer and rabbit resistant. Propagation best by division in spring or autumn as few of the seeds are viable.


Great Plant Pick 2007


Posted on December 16, 2012