by Leslie Cox; Wednesday; January 24, 2018

hellebore black deathAlthough scientists are stating the early signs of the deadly Hellebore Black Death virus, or Helleborus net necrosis HeNNV, do not appear until early to mid-spring, it does not hurt to keep a watchful eye open from now onwards for any signs. Like vein-clearing…a lightness in the leaf colouring in the veins…and black lines developing in the veins or beside them.

This virus is easily confused with leaf spot, but even if it is leaf spot, remove the affected leaves anyways and dispose of them in the garbage. It is best to be on the safe side.

Sadly, there is currently no known cure for HeNNV so your only recourse, should this virus wind up in your collection of hellebores is to remove the infected plants completely and place them in the garbage.

Also check for aphids as this is how the virus is transmitted. Or so it is believed. Hopefully, killing the aphids will stop the spread of the virus in its tracks.

To learn more about this deadly disease, follow the quick link here.