by Leslie Cox; Monday; October 16, 2017

A new insect identification…noting almost everything you ever wanted to know about the pest – elder aphid – has been posted in Insects We Have Found under In the Garden on the main menu bar. Or you can take the quick link here.

Aphis sambuci - elder aphidMuch of the information noted in this identification on the elder aphid also applies to many other aphid species.

(Did you know there are 4,700 different species of aphids worldwide?!! And most of them are in the temperate climate regions.)

What is different in the various aphid species, in many cases, are the host plants, whether they are farmed by ants or not, and how many generations the females produce in a single season or year.

(Did you know cabbage aphids have 41 generations in one season?!! We are talking a time span from about March to possibly November, depending on the weather. That is a heck of a lot of babies!!)