Francoa sonchifolia          Family: Francoaceae
(fran-KO-ah  son-chi-FOL-lee-ah)

Common name: bridal wreath; Chilean bridal wreath; wedding flower
Zone: 7 – 9
Height: 20 – 40 in (50 – 100 cm)   Spread: 12 – 18 in (30 – 45 cm)
Aspect: full sun; partial shade
Soil: average; humus-rich; well-draining
Water: regular   

Description: An evergreen perennial with fuzzy, lance-shaped, sinuate*, lobed, dark green basal leaves that form a low rosette. Racemes of 4-petalled, soft-pink, orchid-like flowers each marked with a rose blotch, are borne on erect, 2 – 3 ft (60 – 90 cm) tall, dark green stems. Flowers appear from late June through summer. 


Special Notes: Native to Chile, this plant performs best in a sunny or partially shady bed with humus-rich soil and good drainage. Boggy conditions can cause crown rot which will effectively kill the plant. Flowers are valued for use in floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. Drought tolerant once established. Good deer and rabbit resistance. Pest- and disease-resistant.


In our Zone 7a garden: This plant has spent many years in a tree-root choked bed in heavy shade in my front garden. There is not much nutrient in that bed other than what is supplied through an annual top-dressing. The floral display has been less than prolific, largely due to few sun hours, but I have been very impressed with its resilience, low care needs and its pest and disease resistance over the 15 or more years this plant has been competing with tree roots. Have had no issues with any pests or diseases on this plant.


Posted on February 22, 2023