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Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme
(ly-koh-PER-see-con ESS-kew-len-tum variety see-ras-ih-FORM-mee) 
Family: Solanaceae

Common name: ‘Black Prince’ 
syn. ‘Czerno Prinz’
Zone: 9 – 11
Height: indeterminate
Aspect: sun; partial shade 
Soil: humus-rich; moist
Water: regular 
Days to maturity: 70 from transplanting    

Description: An open-pollinated, indeterminate vine. Cherry-sized, round, 5 oz (140 g) fruits are deep chocolate-brown to blackish in colour. Flavour is rich and sweet.


Special Notes: A rare heirloom variety from Irkutsk, Siberia. Possibly a cousin to ‘Black Krim’. Excellent variety to grow in cooler climates. An early producer with yields of 25 – 40 lb (11 – 18 kg) per plant over a 3 – 4 month harvest season. Harvest the fruits when the upper half of the tomato has turned dark in colour but still shows some green. Good in salads.


Posted on April 13, 2015