This week in the garden…

by Leslie Cox; May 28, 2017

chestnut treeAs sure as spring follows winter, sun follows rain, and heat follows cold. At least when we are talking about the weather. And for the latter…the thermometer has definitely been creeping up. We have resorted to working in the garden in the morning and in the evening, using the afternoon for chores which either keep us in the shade or indoors in front of a fan.

Or…we just sit under the chestnut tree, admiring the garden while sipping on copious glasses of water to re-hydrate ourselves.

As much as I curse all the chestnuts this huge tree drops every autumn…because they cannot be just dumped in the compost, but rather, must be gathered and bagged for garbage pickup…right now, as the heat starts to gain momentum heading into summer, under the chestnut tree is the coolest spot to be. It is easily ten degrees cooler in its shade…a real blessing after working hard in the garden all morning.

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Foto Friday

by Leslie Cox; Friday; May 26, 2017

Telegraph Cove is a delightful spot on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island, BC. Originally established in 1912 as the northern station of the Campbell River telegraph line, the tiny community has grown from a single shanty housing a lone telegraph lineman to about 20 year-round residents. With the end of the telegraph and the shutting of both the fish canning warehouse and sawmill, the community now thrives on tourism. A rough jewel of pristine beauty, Telegraph Cove balances on its boardwalks and wharves as the jump-off point to some of the best marine vistas on our west coast.

Telegraph Cove, BC

Photo by John Cox                                                             (click on image to enlarge)

Teaser Tuesday

by Leslie Cox; Tuesday; May 23, 2017

My hardy geranium, Geranium cinereum ‘Laurence Flatman’, has just broken bud. This is a delightful small perennial with “happy” flowers. For more information about this plant, click here

Geranium cinereum 'Laurence Flatman'

Photo by John Cox                                                   (click on image to enlarge)

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