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May 2024

Sadie welcomes you to our garden

John and I are working hard to get the garden cleaned up and our Plant Sale tables back in place. The tree removal project took longer than we had anticipated…not surprising given that one of the trees was right in front of the house. We had to be very sure of the potential impact of each cut before we made it. And naturally, the weather through that project did not always cooperate with the schedule for that job.

It also did not help that our poor Sadie came down sick for almost a full two weeks recently. Still no idea what made her so ill even after a full round of tests, but we are thrilled to announce that Sadie has rebounded. She has regained her perky personality and is actively working to regain the 2+ kg of weight she dropped through her mysterious illness. And she is so looking forward to greeting visitors to our garden.

So, stay tuned to this page where I will announce the start of our Garden Open Days this spring. It is looking like it will be the May long weekend, May 17th.

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Please note: I am the only “Duchess of Dirt” in British Columbia and there are only two of us in Canada.
I am a gardener, writer, and educator. “Duchess of Dirt” is my pen name.

Feel free to check out the items under the various Menu Buttons which will provide you with a more intimate peek at the plants and wildlife in our Zone 7a garden, located in the maritime Pacific Northwest. More specifically…we are nestled in rural Black Creek under the shadow of the renowned ski hill, Mt. Washington, within the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.






Most of the photos were taken by my photographer husband…John – the Duke of Compost…who is also a bona fide plant-aholic gardening nut same as me.  The others… especially most of the insect ones…are mine.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Leslie and John Cox



Growing Concern Cottage Garden
7896 Fairview Rd
Black Creek, BC    V9J 1G5