Foto Friday

by Leslie Cox; Friday; April 13, 2018

A quintet of turkey vultures lined up on their fence posts, awaiting lunch to be served.

A quintet of turkey vultures

New Insect ID Added

by Leslie Cox; Wednesday; April 11, 2018

bald-faced hornet in Scrophularia auriculata flowerI have added a new beneficial insect to the list – Dolichovespula maculata, commonly known as the bald-faced hornet.

To learn more about this valuable beneficial predator insect, click on the link here. You will want to lure this guy to your garden to keep the pest insect population down.

Teaser Tuesday

by Leslie Cox; Tuesday; April 10, 2018

Spotted the first tree swallows skimming the sky above our back garden just a few days ago. Hoping to see some nest building in the near future!

newly fledged baby tree swallows from 2016's brood

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