Quote of the Week

by Leslie Cox; Sunday; January 21, 2018

A fault denied is twice committed.

 ~ French Proverb

Pieris rapae - female

This year, I really must protect my brassicas, covering them with floating row cover
against the cabbage white butterfly.

(For information about the cabbage white butterfly, click on the link here.)

This week in the garden…

by Leslie Cox; Saturday; January 20, 2018

goldfishRain. Wind. Rain and wind. Ugh. A whopping 7 inches (177 mm) of rain since last Saturday. We had a wind warning for two days which drove the rain sideways. Not pleasant.

None of this nastiness was conducive to venturing into the garden, I must say. Made a few trips to the compost bins with kitchen waste. Stopped beside the pond on one return trip to the house to see if I could spot any of our fish. One orange one stood out. There may have been one or two black ones nearby but they were invisible in the depth of the pond, especially with the rain disturbing the water’s surface.

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Foto Friday

by Leslie Cox; Friday; January 19, 2018

Nothing beats the west coast of Vancouver Island for amazing sunsets.
(Chesterman Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, BC in October)

Sunset at Chesterman Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, BC

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