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Latest update: March 4, 2019


“Creating a Biodiverse & Productive Garden” – Biodiversity means “the variety of life in a particular habitat or ecosystem”. It is the very essence of growing a healthy, productive garden. But much is changing in our climate patterns…and water, a necessity of all life on our planet, is getting scarce. We are battling new pest species from across the globe without the help from their natural predators and many diseases are becoming more virulent.

In this presentation you will learn a bit about the changing climate and what is needed to create a biodiverse garden…a garden rich in wildlife habitat, beneficial insects and healthy plant species…even in our “new” climate conditions.

Comments about this presentation:

  • “Lots of good information.”
  • “Really learned a lot.”
  • “I was very impressed with your presentation. Well done!”


“Perennials with Personality” – Just “a few” of Leslie’s favourite perennials that she feels are “must-haves” for every garden lover. This presentation is a delightful virtual tour through the four seasons in the garden she shares with her husband, John. 

    Comments about this presentation:

          “Gorgeous photos.”
          “Best presentation I have attended!”
          “Love your garden.”
          “Can’t wait to visit your beautiful garden.”
         “Presentation delivery was excellent. You were at ease, humorous, and passionate. I have not            seen many presentations done better.” (From a woman who taught workshops on how to
          give dynamic presentations.)


“Creating a Garden: Growing a New Life” – This is a story in celebration of a special garden turning 20. It is about two people who were forced to start new careers after being terminated from a down-sizing industry before their 50th birthdays. It is a story of unexpected events, hardship, insecurity, humility, perseverance, integrity, passion, love, fulfillment, and awe.

  Comments about this presentation:

         From South Surrey Garden Club – 
              “Loved the photos!”
              “The colours were like they were painted with a brush.”


“Ready, Set, Garden!” – Early spring is the time to start thinking about what to plant for your summer harvest. Tips on how to prepare your beds and when to set out your transplants.

  Comments about this presentation:

        “Sure got me revved up and ready to get my hands dirty!”

“Putting Your Garden to Bed” – Reward your garden for the bounty it has given you throughout the season by tucking it in for the winter and preparing it for the next season growing season.

  Comments about this presentation:

        “Lots of really good advice.”
        “Fun and informative.”


“Soil Tips for Spring” – Everything you need to know about soil and nutrients to get started for an awesome growing season.

  Comments about this presentation:

        From folks attending Seedy Saturday –
               “Awesome! I learned so much.”
               “Very informative.”
               “Loved the photos!”
               “You have made me think about the soil in my garden on a whole new level.”


“Creating an Edible Landscape Design” – Growing at least some of your own food has never been so important since the early years after WWII. And everyone can do it! Even those who have a strictly ornamental garden. In this presentation you will discover how easy it is to incorporate some delectable food plant species in with your ornamental flowers and not take away from the overall pleasure of your garden.

   Comments about this presentation:

         “Who knew food plants could look so beautiful in a traditional landscape design.”


“Plants for a School Landscape in the 21st Century” – Many school landscapes are visions of vast expanses of concrete and grass play areas. Often there are areas showing the ravages of many busy feet. This presentation leads the audience through the healthy diversified environment of a garden while demonstrating how we can re-create a school landscape into a beautiful learning area for the students where class is always in session. 


“Horticultural Wonders” – This is a presentation designed to showcase an eclectic mix of plant species that are guaranteed to be a delight in any garden. Many viewers may also garner some interesting ideas for landscaping and creating stunning plant combinations in their own gardens. Or some may simply wish to sit back and enjoy a virtual tour through a local garden that has been created with love and an intense passion for nature. 

    Comments about this presentation:

         From North Island Rhododendron Society –
                “Always a treat having an expert gardener doing our program! Thank you!”
                                                                                                                ~ Paul Wurz, President NIRS

                “Such wonderful photos leading us through a beautiful garden. Just what I needed in the middle of


“Healthy Soil: The First Step Towards a Really Great Garden” – The only way to a beautiful garden is through healthy soil. Learn all about soil, its composition, types of soil, acidity and how to amend its deficiencies for growing healthy plants. Also included is how to make your own soil amendment through composting with tips on how to compost properly.

    Comments about this presentation:

        From Qualicum Beach Garden Club –
“Excellent presentation.”
“Beautiful photos”
“You presented the technical information about soil in a very delightful way through your beautiful
                   photos. Well done!”
“You had the full attention of our members throughout your slide presentation. Great question and
                   answer period afterwards. Thank you.”


“Saving Seeds” – Since the beginning of man’s relationship with plants as food, it has been our right to save seeds. Maintaining control of our seeds ensures we are in control of our food supply and by saving seeds we are taking part in the growth cycle process so essential to all life forms on Earth.

    Comments about this presentation:

  • “That was an excellent talk…and excellent photos as well.  Altogether very professional and well-done. We really enjoyed it!
    …. over the years we’ve been to enough garden club talks about seeds…that just dealt with the basic and superficial, and we thought perhaps yours might be the same. But no, it was fascinating and in depth.  And I’m sure many others of whatever gardening level and experience appreciated learning more.”
                                                                                                                                                     ~ Summer Joy


“Up Close & Personal” – A personal and close up look at the wondrous beauty of a garden.


“Perennials” – A beginner’s look at what designates a perennial in the garden and how to care for them through site placement, light requirements, water needs and Zone limitations. (Originally designed for the Elder College gardening series.)