Corydalis solida Corydalis solida                    Family: Papaveraceae
(kor-ID-ah-liss SOL-ih-dah)

Common name: fumewort; bird-in-a-bush
Zone: 4 – 8
Height: 6 – 10 in (15-25 cm)  Spread: 12 – 18 in (30-45 cm)
Aspect: full sun; partial shade
Soil: moderate; well-draining
Water: moderate

Description: A spring ephemeral perennial with a low mounding habit. Tuberous roots will slowly spread out to produce a soft carpet over time. Grey-green leaves are deeply divided and fern-like. Tubular-shaped flowers with an upswept spur sit atop a slender stalk. Floral colour can be blue-mauve to purple, or reddish and white. Whatever the colour, it will be consistent on one plant. Blooms mid-March through spring. Being an ephemeral, the plant completely disappears come summer.


Special Notes: Native to northern and central Europe and Asia where this plant grows in meadows and woodlands. British gardeners have been cultivating it in their gardens since late in the 16th century. Very easy care; relatively pest and disease free. Moderately drought tolerant, but does benefit from some watering. Deer and rabbit resistant. Propagation by division in early spring or by fresh seed in late spring. Seed needs a stratification period in dappled shade to germinate.


In our Zone 7a garden: This plant was a new addition to my front garden in Spring 2015. A gift from a friend, it was broken into three clumps and planted under the Acer campestre (field maple). Stay tuned for updates on its progress.



Posted on March 28, 2016