by Leslie Cox; Monday; February 8, 2021

more houseplants coming indoorsAre your lovely clay pots streaked with white and green deposits all over the outside?

The white is caused by an accumulation of salt which has leeched out from the fertilizer you used to keep your potted plant, or plants, healthy as well as the salt which is in the clay itself. The green is naturally occurring algae which forms on damp surfaces.

Don’t despair! There is an easy way to clean up your clay pots for the new gardening season. Just combine equal amounts of water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a suitable spray bottle.

Spray the cleaning mixture on the outside of your clay pot and scrub with a handled bristle brush. Allow the clay pot to dry thoroughly before you fill it with soil and a plant…or plants.

You do not want to accidently spray your young seedlings with this mixture.