by Leslie Cox; Thursday; March 21, 2019

Today is the first full day of spring and boy, does it feel good to be out in the garden working now the snow has finally melted in our garden. Just last week we still had a few stubborn piles of shoveled snow and white pockets where the sun could not do its magic.

We still have not had a morning above zero yet, but at least the overnight lows are not as cold as they were a week ago. We have moved up from -5.5 °C (22.1 °F) to -2.5 °C (27.5 °F). Thankfully, the afternoon temperatures are hitting mid- to high teens degree Celsius so the soil is starting to warm up. Yesterday morning’s soil temperature reading was 7.5 °C (45.5 °F) and the afternoon temperature reading hit 16 °C (60.8 °F).

Note: Our veggie beds are not raised. We just rake them up slightly higher with the soil from the paths. The soil would likely be warmer still if we had built proper raised beds in the vegetable garden.

I will be starting to sow seeds in the beds as soon as John has finished burning the stuff we cannot chip for the compost pile. In the meantime, I am raking all of my leaf mulch off my front beds and getting a peek at what all is coming up now. So exciting!!

Happy Spring!

Primula vulgaris 'Red' with Milium effusum 'Aureum'