Hosta ‘June’    Family: Hostaceae
(HOSS – tah) Tardiana Group

Common name: plaintain lily
Zone: 3 – 8
Height: 15 in (38 cm)   Spread: 20 in (50 cm)
Aspect: full sun; partial shade; full shade
Soil: moist; fertile; well-draining
Water: regular

Description: An herbaceous perennial with mounding habit. Ovate leaves are bright yellow in the centre with narrow, irregular streaking of blue-green on margins. Highly scented panicles of lavender flowers appear on strong stems in July and August.


Special Notes: ‘June’ is the first tissue-cultured sport of Hosta ‘Halcyon’. Awarded Hosta of the Year for 2001 and for very good reason. This hybrid seedling has fairly good sun tolerance; yellow centre will be muted if sited in full shade. A medium-sized cultivar, it is reported to be rabbit resistant but not deer resistant. Watch for slugs and snails when leaf tips are emerging in early spring. Leaf spots and crown rot may be a problem.


Hosta of the Year 2001; RHS Award of Garden Merit 2004


Posted on October 11, 2012