by Leslie Cox; Wednesday; June 7, 2017

Geranium sanguineum 'Max Frei'It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my website. The simple reason is…I was locked out. And it has taken this long to gain access once again. Frustrating.

My website has been plagued lately by a barrage of attempts by nefarious people to gain control of it. Since the beginning of April, there have been over 1200 attempts. Why? It is just a simple venue where I share stories, information, and recipes relating to things of a horticultural nature.

Very frustrating…especially when I was barred from my own website last week. And it has taken this long for various tech supports to finally get me back in. Thankfully. (Bless all tech support personnel!)

Needless to say, this whole exercise has been hugely stressful and disruptive at a time when I can ill afford this kind of a distraction. It’s gardening season, for Pete’s sake!

My question is: Why can’t these disruptive people do something useful with their time? Instead of creating mayhem for others, why don’t they grow some food to help feed the masses? Or invent something useful to make life easier for others? Or spend time with seniors to help them put their life stories together in a digital format? In fact…what can’t they do anything good instead of what it is they are doing right now?

If everyone used their particular talents for the good of mankind and the planet, think what a better society and place this would be.

Whew! Got that rant off my chest. Thanks for listening!

Now stay tuned for more gardening stories to come very soon….