by Leslie Cox; Thursday; March 8, 2018

At a presentation to a group of avid Campbell River gardeners this week…as I was talking about kale…I happened to mention my Best Kale Salad recipe. Not only is this salad really delicious, but it is also quick and easy to make…and kale is chock full of healthy nutrients for you. It was really nice to hear the many requests for me to post my recipe on my website…which I have now done.

While some people are not fond of the somewhat strong taste of kale, they should give this recipe a try. There is a secret step in this recipe which makes all the difference to the finished product. So pay attention to the details written in the recipe procedure.

Both John and I love the dinosaur kale, ‘Lacinato’ or ‘Black Tuscan’ as it is also known as, but I grow other varieties too. Some of them are: ‘Blue Scotch Curled’, ‘Green Curled’, ‘Red Russian’…and the latest ‘Scarlet’ which has fast become another favourite. It looks really great in the salad, too.

(Quick link to the Best Kale Salad recipe here.)