• greens – raw kitchen waste, plant debris, grass clippings
  • browns – leaves, straw, shredded newspaper, torn pieces of cardboard, chipped branches*


  1. By volume, for every part of greens thrown onto the compost pile, add three parts browns
  2. If material matter is dry, give the compost pile a good soaking of water
  3. Once a week, or at the very least once a month, turn the compost pile to introduce air.

Following this recipe and the directions for adding water and introducing air into the compost pile will produce a “hot” process whereby the compost should heat up to 65.5 °C (150 °F). This will not only be hot enough to deal with harmful bacteria and fungi, but will also quicken the whole composting process so you should have usable soil amendment in no more than three months.

Note: Chipped branches – do not add any cedar or walnut chips or sawdust to the compost pile. They contain toxins which are not compatible to plants.


Posted on February 2, 2017