by Leslie Cox; Wednesday; April 28, 2021

To those of you who enjoy visiting our garden, we apologize. Due to the continued COVID-19 health restrictions, as well as our garden’s need for some necessary upgrading and renovating, we will not be opening our gate to tours in May.

However, we are still offering plants for sale from the driveway. You can find the list of available plants under “Nursery” on the Menu bar, or click here for the “Plants for Sale 2021”.

This list is by no means complete as we are still dividing some of our plants. Please, check back often for new additions.

Also, if you are looking for a particular plant for your garden, drop us a line through the Contact Us page. If the plant is in our garden but is not currently for sale on our plant table, we can add your name to the “Wish List”.

Because of COVID, we would appreciate if you would bring exact change with you when you visit our plant table, if possible. We also will accept cheques.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding through these difficult times. We hope to be able to open our garden for tours in June…if the garden renovations are completed and COVID vaccinations have progressed sufficiently.

Please stay safe!