Tomato 'Silvery Fir Tree' seedling Solanum lycopersicum        Family: Solanaceae
(so-LA-num  ly-koh-PER-see-kum)

Common name: ‘Silvery Fir Tree’ 
syn. ‘Silver Fir Tree’, ‘Silvery Fir’
Zone: 9 – 11
Height: determinate bush; 24 in (60 cm)
Aspect: sun; partial shade  
Soil: humus-rich; moist
Water: regular 
Days to maturity: 55 – 60 from transplanting

Description: An open-pollinated, heirloom tomato. Determinate, bush-type plant to about 24 in (60 cm) tall. Unique, finely dissected foliage is silvery-grey in colour. Somewhat squat fruits are 3 – 4 in (7.5 – 10 cm) in diameter. Taste is sweet and tangy.


Special Notes: Originally from Russia, this tomato was introduced in 1995 by the Seed Savers International. This is a tough plant; it will produce good yield even in cooler, rainy years. Good disease resistance. Good fruit production. Recommend supporting the plant with a tomato cage or stake.


Posted on April 7, 2015